Thomas Graham in Early Virginia is swearing to wills and such at the
end of Duchray, suggesting literacy, or even possible training as a
notary.  (It has been alleged that John Graham of Duchray may have also received “the education of a notary” (likely from George Graham, tutor of Menteith)  Handwriting analysis of documents in scotland should be confirmed and compared to those in Virginia, if available.

Christopher graham Comes down in about 1720 so that he is in VA by
about 1765.   RISKE (Risk) apparently born in scotland, makes no
Record on the national archives of scotland EXCEPT in 16 Dec 1724, a
JOHN RISKE in Littel Portnellen sold "cattle" and other goods to
Archibald Buchanan.  The Buchanan were friends with the John of
Duchray and Thomas Graham.






Thomas Graham Virginia

Graham, Thomas b: 1647 in Scotland d: AFT 1680 in Rappahannock County, Virginia

Thomas Graham

Sex: M

Birth: 1647 in Scotland

Death: AFT 1680 in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia



62 Wills of Rappahannock County, Virginia, 1666-1692

GODFREY, JOHN, (Nuncupative Will),

The deposition of Henry Woodnutt, aged 39 years of thereabouts, is Ready to depose that John Godfrey deced & John Blaxon being Mates John Godfrey he went into ye Freshes said that if he died John Blaxon should possess all he had, being in discourse wth yor depont Concerning their Mateship saying that by Reason John Blaxon did help to work for it he should Enjoy it & further Saith not




The deposition of Thomas Grime aged 30 years or thereabouts, is Ready to depose that upon a falling out between John Godfrey and John Blaxon, John Godfrey said to Blaxon give me from undr yor hand that you will pay for half e ye Land, & I will give you from undr: my hand for half e ye Land then, said John Godfrey there is no Need of such ceremonies, for I have no body to give but you neither shall Any have it but you & further Saith not THOMAS Grahame

Sworn to by Thomas Grahame May 2, 1677. Probated September 11, 1677, by the oaths of Henry Woodnut and Thomas Grahame.


72 Wills of Rappahannock County, Virginia, 1656-1692

CURTIS, JOHN, 29 November, 1677; 5 June, 1678.

To my well beloved friends Doctor Peter Hopegood and Randoll Peters all my worldly goods they paying all my Debts and to bury me in a decent manner. Executors Dr. Peter Hopegood and Randoll Peters.



Proved by the oaths of Symon Gray, aged 30 years or thereabouts & Tho : Grahame, aged 30 years or thereabouts, 7 February, 1677.


78 Wills of Rappahannock County, Virginia, 1656-1692

HOPEGOOD , PETER, 28 May, 1678; 7 May, 1679.

Intended for England.

My whole estate (after my debts are Satisfied) to be equally divided between my daughters-in-law Frances and Elizabeth Godson and that they may be joint Executrixes in Case of Either of their Mortality before they Attain the age of sixteen years or the Day of Marriage then the Survivor to Inherit the whole at the age or time aforesaid. I desire that my daughter Elizabeth Godson doe Continue with Thomas Roberts untill the yeare 1680 to be kept at Schoole at the Expiration of which Time (if she be willing) to be transported home with the said Roberts and to be left to the tuition of their Uncles Mr Paule Allistree and Mr John Hopegood or either of them, and that part of her Estate to be paid unto them or Either of them, for the use and benefit of my said daughter Elizabeth and in Case she be not Willing to goe home then to Remaine in the Custody of her Overseere (which she liketh best) and that part of her Estate to Remaine in the hands of the overseeres which hath her in custody to be Converted (with the advice of the two Overseeres) to the best Use for the benefit of my said daughter Elizabeth. My will and desire is that in Case I do not Carry my Daughter Frances home with me that she Remaine in the custody of Mr Henry Smith untill the year 1680 then (if she be willing to be transported home as aforesaid and that part of her estate which belongeth unto her be paid to her Uncles or either of them for the Use and benefit of my said daughter Frances And in Case she be not willing to goe home to her Uncles then to Remaine in the custody of one or Either of her Overseers which she liketh best and that part of her Estate which belongeth unto her remain in the custody of the respective overseeres which hath her in Custody and to be Converted (with the advice of the other two overseeres) to the beat use for the benefitt of my said Daughter Frances And in Case I doe Carry my Daughter Frances home with me then all my Estate which remaineth in Virginia I doe give unto my daughter Elizabeth to be disposed of as aforesaid. My will and desire is that the Charges of my Daughter's Maintenance be paid out of my Estate. He appoints as Overseers of his Will his trusty and well beloved friends Mr: Henry Smith, Mr William Young and Thomas Roberts.

Wit. THO: GRAHAME, ALEXr WETHERSTONE, aged 27 years or thereabouts.

Father: Family Graham

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


       1.        Christopher Graham b: in Scotland

       2.        Edward Graham b: 1679 in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia

       3.        James Graham b: BEF 1682






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From the National Archives of Scotland (and some from scotts peerage and other research:


Notes (A bit of a title search) on the Land of Duchray


1516 Earl of Glencarin- Cuthburt - John Drummond Held in Feu-Farm (ever increasing rent)


1516 John Drummond sued Cuthbert saying that he paid fully his rent for that year, demanding Cuthbert grant an accounting


1516 - Discreet proceeding based upon suit - Ordering Cuthburt to decrease his stealing of the rents and to pay Drummond


1528 - Sasine (20 Merkland of Duchray?) Argyleshire - Duncan Campbell and Katharine Campbell


1532 - (5 merkland of Duchray) Menteith - George Buchanan


1550 to William, Bishop of Argyle, barony and earldom of glencairn, and the lands of Duchray as well as others. (3 earls of glencairn deceased, reverted to the "queen", then appointed to Argyll.


1553 Sasine to John campbell (of innerlever) the 20 Merkland of Duchray in Argyleshire.


1562 Sasine to George Buchanan (grandson of George Buchanan) 5 Merkland in the stweartry of menteith and the sheriffdom of perth.




1575 Instrument of Resignation by John Graham of Duchray in Favor of Males "His brother" - Malies was possibly killed later by a jealous earl of menteith?  I don't remember where I saw this.  Males Graham of merklands of Ardchandnaquin, which he held subject to a mortgage of Harye Shaw of Camnusmore.




1580 John Graham of Duchray has a son William Graham 'fiar of duchray'

            Katherine Graham - Had Daughter Katharine Graham


1586 Andro Young, Minister at Dunblane, gives William Graham, Fiar of Duchray, part of Kilmachug



1588 - Settlement of Disagreement between (Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhay, and John McChallum (in wester Dounfallandie) v. John Drummond of Drumgie.  John Drummond of Drumgie felt harmed by John Graham of the Dowans who he sold 10 Merkland of Duchray in the Stewarty of Stratherne. Agreement between them reached that if John McChallum obtains said lands, he will give half to Duncan Campbell and keep half for himself.


1588 - Grant by crown of Duchray to Malcom McFarland, said lands which formerly belonged to William Graham of Duchray.


1593 - Thomas Graham (son of Walter Graham of Drumlean), had brother James, Fiar of Drumlean. Had a sister Margaret, AND MARRIED  

            A George Graham (son of John Graham in Dowans), then it just goes onto William Graham, fiar of Duchray, and Alexander Graham in Craiguchtie (Craiguchty).   


            1603 -John Graham 'Fiar of Duchray' - "Robert Stewart, cautioner" borrowed 2000 merk scots- Seems to have bought over and nether glenny and moved there.


1608 - Argyleshire, Sasine to Angus Campbell the 20 merks? lands of Duchray,


1612 - William Graham of Duchray and the Earl of Menteith had a dispute of the "houses" and buildings in the Dowans and furniture within the houses.  Arbitration resulted with the earl having to pay 300 pound scots.


1614 - Mutual Discharge by 1.  William Graham of Duchray and John Graham 'fiar of Glenny' on the one part,  and 2.  Andro McCoule (McCoull) Mcfarland and Dougall McFarland of Blairviiok ?Blairvadock) on the other of a Contract of Alienation of the lands of Duchray.


1615 - 6 October Recording of a debt - Obligation by Gilbert Graham in Glaschyll to pay John Graham of Glenny and Thomas Graham, servitour to Colin Campbell of Lundy, the sum of 200 mark scots for acting as cautioners to said earl for a bond of 600 mark scots.


1618 - John 'Fiar of Glenny' was "retoured" heir (meaning that the crown looked into the matter and decided that the land was his) and in


1622 - John Fiar of Duchray (now John Graham of Polder?) sold Duchray (with consent of Wife Katharine Stewart, sold Duchray to Thomas Graham in inchrie and his son, John)


1625 - John Graham of Poldor (Polder) renounces to William Earl of Menteith, all right title or interest he or the decesased William Graham of Duchray might have had to the manse and glebe of aberfoyle.  (church and clerics house ? Presbyterian?)


1629 - Sasine to Duncan Campbell as heir foresaid in the lands of Duchray ( likely the 20 merklands? in Argyllshire).


1631 - John Buchanan gets Wester Duchray (Lands of Corriegrennan) from Thomas Graham of Duchray.


1658 - William (lord kinpoint) writes to Governor of Perth, that John Graham of Duchray apparently claims lands  of Cullgartane (and others) in Menteith, which adjoin Mary?, Lady Kilpoint


1659 William (lord kinpoint) and William Ruthven of Dunglass, and John Graham of Duchray, and John Monteath of Kept, and relics and successors of Patrick Monteith of Arnbeg. where John agrees to denude himself to all rights to any lands of earldom of Monteith and baronies of drummond, and agree to dispone to said john as much land within Monteith as will pay an annual rent of 10,000 marks.


1664 - Thomas graham, eldest son of John of Duchray, gets easter and wester brachurns from John McFarlane, and agrees to pay 20 marks feu duty yearly.


1666 - Thomas Graham, fiar of Duchray, with consent of John Graham his father and Alexander Colquhoun, fiar of Cambusstrodan, (donator to the liferent escheat of said John Graham), seems to give John McGregor in Donivrig the lands of Wester Brachurn, Ballimore, and Clochvraich, for 4000 merks, redeemable by payment of the same.


1667 William Ruthven of Dunglass with consent of William earl of monteith and airth, the lands of clasmore (Clashmore) and Clasbeg (Clashbeg), gives to Thomas Graham, eldest son of John Graham of Duchray,  barony of Drummond, sheriffdom of stirling.


19 Feb 1667 William Ruthven of Dunglass with consent of William, earl of menteith, in favor of Thomas Graham (brother german of John Graham of Duchray) correbonnarchies easter and wester called the two Corries and two and a half merk land of monnessan, in barony of drummond and sheriffdom of stirling, and a right to 10 pounds out of the lands of Wester Kippnoch annually.


1669 - 11th february, Thomas Graham, fiar of Duchray, pays 100 merk scots to Duncan Cambpell of Mochaster, 1st terms payment of tocher for marriage to Marjory Campbell.  Thomas Graham also gives to Marjory the lands of Ballibeg, in the Parish of Port, sheriffdom of perth.




1670 (Information for Graham of Duchray and others, relating to a debt due by Lord Kilpoint)


Feb 13th 1671 - 2nd Earl of Airth arrests John and Thomas Graham of Duchray on the bridge aberfoyle attending the birth of Thomas's first son named ???? (Should also be John)


27 Mar 1671 John Buchanan to Thomas Graham (Fiar of Duchray) the town and lands of Corrigrennan alias Wester Duchray, extending to 5 merk of land extending into the parish of inchcailloch, Except those lands which were given to the deceased Thomas Graham of Duchray and elizabeth graham, his wife, in liferent, and their deceased second son, Alexander Graham.


16 Mar 1672 - A draft of an agreement is made where parts are blank and therefore it appears unexecuted.  The agreement states Thomas Graham's heirs are to pay Andrew McFarland 1100 merks, and an anual rent from Martinmas last.  John Buchanan is involved, and reliving of John McGregors "mortgage" is also invovled.  The agreement was under the pain of _____ to be paid by the guilty party failing to perform their part.


16th Dec 1672, Malcom McFarlan discharges the mortgage Thomas Graham had on Easter Brachurn.


1674 John monteith of arnberg assigns a debt owed by Thomas Graham to a Campbell


7 Jun 1675 Menteith of Arnberg grants to William, Earl of Menteith the lands of inshenuch, balemeoch, and balegillan lying in the parish of port, said lands then in the custody of Thomas Graham, fiar of Duchray.


1680 - Earl of Airth in favor of James, Marquess of montrose, the earldom of menteith, the barony of drummond,  the lands and barony of airth, kinpoint and kiblryde, everything in menteith, but excepting those given to Thomas Graham, brother to Duchray, in the barony of Drummond.


John of Duchray was expected to Die


Then earl Dies in 1691?  All lands and titles reverted to montrose, except those in drummond, which were excepted to  -----Alexander Graham?