Having grown up on the internet, I remember a website called timecube.

In it, Otis Eugene Ray offered $1,000.00 then $10,000.00 to anyone who could prove his concept wrong. He challenged the professors to disprove his notions. The similarities of the original timecube site and what this website has become are hopefully few and far between. I did chuckle that what I was presenting on this website was reminiscent of timecube. After I did that, I considered offering money, just like Ray.

The substantial difference between this "bug bounty" to my theory and the bounty that Mr. Ray placed on his website is that I want my theory to be proven wrong.

Nothing would make me happier than someone saying "Oh, no, you're wrong, the 5th dimension should start in period 3." and give a rational explanation. Or someone saying, "The expected path of boron's electron doesn't appear to be in two places at once!" and provide a rational explanation.

Ray was the only person who could judge his bug bounty on his timecube theory. This is because, as far as I know, he's the only one to believe it. Since I am currently the only person believing in a hypercube theory of the atom, I have to be the judge until I hear someone else say "I believe in the hypercube theory of the atom." Then that person can be a judge.

Mathematical proofs have to be "certified" by two mathematicians as destroying the world view and must be accompanied by text explaining logically the mathematical proof. Language proofs that are convincing are always accepted.

Unlike Ray, I want this world view/conceptual model destroyed. I have not spent my life dedicated to this model. Other than a few weeks thinking about the idea, the written theory is as old as the days listed on the front of the website. My dedication to this model will likely progress as the march of time continues. As my dedication increases, I am likely going to be prone to moments of "Timecubeiness" where I am vehemently defending a baseless position. I understand this. I might also just be in a bad mood.

But anyway, until someone else mathematically gifted comes along and explains it better than I can, I am the judge of this program and what I say goes. But I'll try to be intellectually honest to the best of my capabilities. Because I am the only possible judge at this time, an entry into this bug bounty program cannot be litigated.

After the first bug bounty is claimed, assuming the entire theory is not destroyed, the amount will reset to $150.00, a higher amount if the bug solidifies the theory more (or a wealthy benefactor decides to also include themselves in this project), and a lower amount (i.e. $100) if the bug begins to liquify the theory, and count up from there. The amount will rise a dollar each day. The "reset" means that there's no benefit to waiting.

Bug bounty collectors can choose to remain anonymous, or have their name and a link, or perhaps other small bits of information, added to this website for as long as it is operating in this hypercube theory of the atom capacity.

A typo is not a bug. The first draft used the word "neutrons" instead of "protons" in a sentence. No one tried to claim this, but, as an example, it doesn't count.

If someone proves this entire theory correct mathematically, I think that would be worth $1,000.00, and I'm willing to pay it.